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ERATIX 3D 25E ARF 1370mm

Key Features

Capable of sport-to-extreme 3D aerobatics
Generous wing area and light wing loading for superb slow flight response
Specially designed, machined, 3D control horns
Lightweight, open-structure airframe design
Top quality, laser-cut balsa and lightweight plywood materials
Firewall accepts E-flite® Power 25 or Power 32 brushless motors without modification
Tough, lightweight aluminum landing gear with factory-painted fiberglass wheel pants
Factory-painted fiberglass cowl
Easy-access magnetic battery hatch
Ground clearance optimized for a wide range of prop sizes
Steerable tail wheel


The E-flite Eratix 3D 25e ARF is a 3D-capable sport plane designed to make the transition from sport models to more challenging 3D aircraft a lot less demanding. Its large wing area and light wing loading offer very forgiving flight characteristics, especially in slow flight. It’s also compatible with a range of motor and propeller sizes so you can fine tune the power and performance to your skill level. Both the E-flite Power 25 and Power 32 brushless outrunner motors bolt to the firewall without any modifications. Experienced 3D pilots will appreciate the uniquely designed, machined aluminum 3D control arms that can handle the rigors of high-torque mini servos and large control throws. Sport aerobatics or stick-bending 3D, the Eratix 3D 25e is up for whatever you are.

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