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Based on his popular E-TOC Yak 54F 3D competition design, the Byp Yak is yet another precision 3D foamie from the drawing board of 4-time TOC champ, Quique Somenzini. The Byp Yak features a rigid A-frame fuselage that makes it ideal for indoor or outdoor flight, as well as substantially reduced wing loading thanks to its biplane design. The result is fantastic flying foamie with outstanding slow speed maneuverability.

Low Wing Loading for Bigger Slow Flight Envelope
The Byp Yak’s biplane design increases the wing area and dramatically reduces wing loading so hovering and slow flight 3D can be performed with more precision. Plus, the shorter wingspan
makes for crisper roll rates at all speeds.

Unique Quique-Designed A-Frame Fuselage
The extra-rigid A-frame fuselage practically eliminates flex, giving pilots a much more precise feel during high-energy 3D maneuvers.

Multi-Purpose Motor Mount
The specially designed motor mount accepts both outrunner and geared inrunner motors without requiring any major modifications. This not only opens the door to more motor choices, but makes it easy to experiment with different power setups.

Key Features

Based on Quique’s popular Yak 54F design
Increased wing area for dramatically lighter wing loading
Larger slow speed flight envelope
Excels at freestyle 3D with almost no coupling
Rigid A-frame fuselage construction
Firewall mount accepts both outrunner and geared inrunner motors
Improved foam material for great stiffness and durability
Prezzo al pubblico : 73.00€

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