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The new 2 + 2 seater from Ferrari was shown to the public for the first time anywhere in the world at the Detroit Motor Show in January 2004. The name of this de luxe sports coupé with an unusually roomy interior pays tribute to Sergio Scaglietti who built Ferrari bodies for many years. As usual the design is by Pininfarina. It recalls the shape and in particular the side recesses and large front grille of the Ferrari 375 Mille Miglia that Roberto Rossellini ordered from his father for Ingrid Bergmann back in 1954. Under the bonnet of this front-wheel drive 540 bhp 612 Scaglietti there is a 6-litre, 12-cylinder engine (= 612) that accelerates it from 0 to 100 kph in just 4.4 seconds. It can sprint rom 0 to 200 in kph in only 15.5 seconds and has a top speed of 321 kph. The gear lever is a paddle shift on the steering wheel but it can also be changed over to fully-automatic mode at the touch of a button.

- True-to-original reproduction of bodywork with fine surface details
- Separate movable bonnet
- Detailed interior with authentic dashboard and structurally detailed seats
- Very detailed, multi-piece 12-cylinder engine
- True-to-original reproduction of wheels and brakes
- Steerable front axle
- Finely detailed wheel suspension
- Moving wheels
- Detailed chassis
- Instructions and authentic decals for a blue or a silver car
Prezzo al pubblico : 23.90€

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