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Since September 1997 a real Zeppelin has again been making tracks across the sky it is the most up-to-date airship in the world. The Zeppelin NT (New Technology) was developed and built by the firm Zeppelinluftschifftechnik GmbH in Friedrichshafen and is the largest rigid airship in the world. Three 200 hp piston engines with swivelling airscrews give it a maximum speed of 130 kpm and a degree of manoeuvrability never before achieved. In the meantime 3 airships have been completed and more than 38,000 passengers have been carried. The Zeppelin NT is also successfully used as a publicity medium.

- Structural surface details
- Stabilizers with movable control surfaces
- Detailed engine nacelles
- Filigree propeller
- Passenger gondola
- Landing gear framework
- Landing mast device
- Display stand
- Decals for the striped decoration and lettering Zeppelin/CAT and the FFH-Version
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