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ALIANTE LS8-a/18 1/32

The LS8, with a total build of over 500 units so far, is the most produced glider of the last 10 years and is the best guarantee of leading positions in competitions to date. Numerous placings in national and international championships in both the standard and the racing classes vouch for the singularity of the concept and the superiority of the performance of the LS8. The features particularly praised by all the pilots are its harmonious flying characteristics and the outstanding handling of its controls. Since the original manufacturers Rolladen-Schneider have been taken over by DG-Flugzeugbau the production range of the LS8 is being enlarged by some modifications.

- New mould
- Detailed fuselage and wings
- Optional winglets for the 15 m version or extension for the 18 m version
- Detailed main landing gear, movable wheels
- Movable cockpit canopy
- Cockpit floor with steering mechanism
- Seat pan with imitation belt
- Detailed instrument panel
- Levers and microphone
- Super decals with markings for 2 German versions and one each Austrian, Swiss, Dutch, French, Swedish, British and American.

Colors: 4 75 78 99 302
Prezzo al pubblico : 16.80€

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