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In June 2003, at the Paris Air Show, Emirates, the Dubai-based international airline, announced that it had placed the biggest order in civil aviation history - worth $19 billion. The 23 A380s ordered at Paris brought 'Emirates' total order for the giant double-deck jetliner to 45, the most ordered by any airline. The orders covered four versions: a 533-seat three-class aircraft a 653-seat two-class aircraft a 500-seater able to fly non-stop from Dubai to Australia and two freighters. The aircraft are expected to enter service towards the end of 2006.With 45 of the aircraft on firm order, Emirates is the world's largest customer of the A380-800. Emirates' orders for the superjumbo amount to a full third of all orders received by Airbus for the new aircraft, from more than a dozen of the world's airlines. Emirates has embraced the new aircraft more quickly and massively than other carriers because its rate of expansion is much higher than that of most other airlines. Even more amazing is the projection that by 2012 the Emirates-fleet will have expected to double and the A380 is a huge part of these expansion plans. The Airbus A380 will be not only the largest and most advanced passenger aircraft that has ever been built, it will also be the first airliner in the world with two passenger decks running right through.
A lot of details and a Super-decal!
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