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T12 MZ 12ch PCM 2048 35mhz


2048 G3 PCM resolution — twice that of 1024PCM high-end radio systems.
Backwards compatible with FM/PPM, and 1024 PCM.
Combines airplane and glider functions conveniently into one program.
Supports 13 different wing types, 3 tail types, 3 motor types and 7 heli swash types.
Offers 8 total flight conditions (7 plus the default).
Allows a modeler to program a model with 2, 3, or 4 engines and set all the linkage throws to work at one time or together.
Features digital trims, which offers precise tuning, on all 4 main channels.
Virtually the whole system can be fine tuned in almost every level.
Six factory-set Variable Dual Rate (VDR) curves can be assigned to any function in any flight condition configuration.
Variable Dual Rates (VDR) and Expo can be combined so they are automatically activated when a function is activated — no program mixing required.
Multiple servos controlling a single function can be conveniently grouped onto the transmitter operation.
Servos can be plugged into different receiver channels, even non-consecutively.
Each servo’s EPA (End Points Adjustment) can be adjusted individually from the transmitter so that no separate servo synchronizer is needed for mixing.
10 programmable mixes can be freely customized for each condition

R5014DPS Receiver
Uses state-of-the-art Ball Grid Array (BGA) layered PC board technology. WFSS (Wireless Frequency Setting System) simplifies frequency changes — make them right from the transmitter, without changing crystals!
Dimensions: 37.7 mm wide x 52.2 mm long x 16.3 mm high Weight: 32

Dual Internal Processors
Allows one processor to be devoted to flying functions, while the other processor focuses on “non-flight” functions such as input and communications.

Real-Time Response
Breakthrough PCM G3 2048 features twice the resolution, which means the servo picks up even the slightest stick movement. Frame rate is 40% faster than even Futaba’s 9Z — for response so immediate, it feels like real time .
Note: The 12Z an also transmit in 1024 PCM and FM/PPM.

Compact Flash Card Data Storage
The transmitter is capable of holding 25 models in memory. If more are required, the 32MB Compact Flash Card (sold seperately) will hold up to an additional 245 models.

Lithium-Ion Transmitter Battery
A state-of-the-art power source that delivers up to 3 hours of flying time.

Quad-Bearing Gimbals
Gimbals with long-life potentiometer, quad-bearings, adjustable tension and detent.

12Z Metal Carrying Case
Offers superior protection for your system — with a splash of style. The brushed aluminum case has lockable, easy-opening latches on the lid and rounded corners. Inside, foam padding provides maximum cushioning for the transmitter and other accessories.

Joy Stick Button and Dial-N-Key Jog Dial
Programming the 12Z is as user-friendly as it gets, thanks to Futaba’s innovative Dial-N-Key setup and the single joy stick button that lets you move the cursor in 4 directions.
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