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The Italian car manufacturer “De Tomaso“ was founded in Modena by Alejandro De Tomaso in 1959. The production facilities were situated in the north Italian Albareto, which is close to Modena. During the starting years the focus was exclusively on racing and in 1963 their first street legal sports car with an aluminium chassis, called Spider Vallelunga, was presented. The chassis form is typical for De Tomaso and it reappears in the later models labelled Mangusta or Guarà.

The cooperation with the designer Giugiaro, who also created the successful Mangusta, was highly tremendous. Particularly the De Tomaso Pantera reached awareness. It was built in different versions from 1971 until 1996 and was sold over 7000 times. Due to the distribution agreement with Ford Lincoln and the high demand, over 6000 Panteras were sold in the USA. Like its predecessor Mangusta, the De Tomaso Pantera also has a mid-engine. It is the most successful car that has ever left the De Tomaso facilities.
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