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The son of Ferdinand Porsche, Ferry Porsche, took over the chair of the company in 1947, when his father was in French captivity. The suspicion of war crime involvement against Ferry Porsche was dropped quickly and he was able to continue the business, together with his sister Louise, in order to finance the bail money for their father. He inherited half of the company shares and was able to build up the today world famous sports car entity. Also the world famous Porsche trademark and the Porsche emblem were concepts of Ferry.

The daughter of Ferdinand Porsche, Louise Piech, inherited the other half of the company shares. Her husband, the lawyer Anton Piech, was among others part of the construction office and during the Nazi regime he was factory manager and chief executive of the Volkswagen limited in Wolfsburg.

In 1950 with a total of 400 cars Porsche began the production of the 356 in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen. At the end of the production in 1965 the total amount of cars produced was 76.302. In 1963 the best known model of the producer was presented, the 911.

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