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LANCAIR 360/MK2 .50 1500mm


• The Lancair is a nice looking scale aircraft which is easy to build and comes factory pre-covered.
• A high precision pre-painted fiberglass fuselage and wing panels, tailplane and rudder are all made in high-quality balsa wood,already covered with a great looking color scheme.
• The design includes a fiberglass moulded wing tip which reduces your chances of stalling and increases overall control at critical times such as during low speed landings.
• Just a few simple jobs like joining the wings, installing the engine will get it ready to fly.
• Complete hardwares, 300cc fuel tank & wheels (spec. 55mm).
• Pre-painted fiberglass cowl with decals ready applied and clear-coated. Nicely painted fiberglass wheel pants.
• PVC canopy and side windows tinted in blue.
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