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FIESEL STORCH 156 1043mm

The fabric-covered Fieseler Fi 156 Storch observation monoplane served the German Forces throughout World War. The Storch (“Stork”) proved to be a rugged Short Take Off and Landing (STOL) airplane that gained the respect of all its pilots. The Storch was first flown in 1936. Using a fixed slat over the leading edge of the wing and slotted camber-changing flaps along the trailing edge, the Storch achieved incredible short take-off performance. In a light breeze the Storch could take off in just 50 meters and land in about 20 meters. It had a crew of three, and with extensive windows surrounding the occupants, made an excellent observation and liaison aircraft. After the war, the French company Morane-Saulnier continued to build the Fieseler Storch, and changed the original concept to a five-seat civil version.

This ARF balsa kit is pre-assembled and contains all the necessary parts and hardware. The Fi-156 is an accurate scale reproduction. The cockpit is very detailed and the transparent cover gives a clear view at the balsa structure of the airplane. Only the R/C and motor need to be installed. The motor can be installed on the firewall. The Fi 156 is ideally suited for outdoor flights whenever there is little wind.
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