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Fully independent suspension with friction dampers
Differential-equipped transmission with adjustable slipper clutch
Powerful, pre-installed micro motor
Included Ni-MH battery pack with portable alkaline automatic peak charger
Losi 27MHz AM radio system
Electronic Speed Control with Reverse
High-traction rubber tires on pre-mounted on durable nylon wheels
Includes 8 AA heavy-duty batteries for transmitter
Includes 8 AA alkaline batteries for charger

Losi is out to take RC to every level with the Micro-T. The Micro-T is the smallest RTR that Losi has ever offered, coming in at just under 5 inches long. But just because it’s small doesn’t mean it skimps on performance. Packed with a Ni-MH battery pack, independent suspension, differential equipped transmission, automatic peak charger and 27MHz AM Losi radio system, the Micro-T has the speed and handling to tackle everything from the tabletop to the tile. Take it with you anywhere you go and satisfy your need for speed with the Micro-T.

Prezzo al pubblico : 99.00€

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