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Shocks are undoubtedly one of the most important parts of chassis tuning but there has never been an easy and accurate way of comparing, matching, adjusting, and measuring them. Team Losi's new A99170 shock matching tool is just such an item and easily the most useful tool a racer will have at his disposal. Gil Losi Jr. developed this tool while doing intense shock testing and has fine-tuned it over the years. No matter how much you know about pistons, dampening, limiting, or any other shock tricks, racers have always guessed at these most critical facets of the shocks. This easy to use and understand tool can be used for all 1/10 and 1/8 scale shock and serves the primary functions of checking/comparing o-ring condition, pressurization, condition of fluid, spring balance/rate, length, and limiting. You can also see how a change will affect your shocks by changing one and comparing it to the unchanged one. After you know that your shocks are operating equally you can install the springs and accurately adjust them with equal preload, then do a compression test to insure equal spring rate and function. The A99170 Shock Tool with precision machined aluminum components that have been hard anodized and laser etched in both inch and metric dimensions making it both durable and easy to read. The ball bearing supported pointer will move with even the most sensitive differences between the shocks. You will graphically see any differences and be able to address them as necessary.
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