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Kit di montaggio in fogli di depron bianchi da verniciare di un modello da Formula 1 tipo Ferrari.
Nel kit non è incluso il motore.

Accessori necessari per il funzionamento

- Motore Brushless cassa rotante classe 300
- Pacco LiPo 11,1v 1000 - 1350mah
- Variatore Brushless 12A
- Elica Slow Fly 9x4,7
- 4 Micro Servocomandi da 5,5grammi
- Radiocomando Computerizzato
- Micro Ricevente
- Colle tipo Uhu Por oppure Ciano per Depron.

Product information
The GRAUPNER GM-RACER 3D is a total fun model, but is also an extremely out-of-the-rut design. It looks like a typical Formula 1 racing car, but is fully capable of flight! Amaze your fellow car drivers and spectators at the race track: start by driving the model quite normally , then lower the front spoiler, lift off, and fly the model just like an aircraft. You might liketo try an entirely new and spectacular method of overtaking, for example, or simply take off as you come out of a bend, fly a few rolls or loops, then land back on the track again. The GM-RACER 3D offers standard full-house controls plus front wing, and is fully controllable, although a little prior experience with aileron-equipped model aircraft is certainly desirable. The model is quickly and easilyassembled from laser-cut Depron® components and a vacuum-moulded top bodywork section. Depending on your chosen method of painting (e.g. airbrush), the laser-cut Depron® parts should be painted in your preferred colour scheme before they are assembled. You can copy the paint job of any full-size racing car you like, or simply give free rein to your imagination. For minimum all-up weight,high-strength flat CFRP strip is used for the front and rear spoiler reinforcements and the transverse arms this material also provides a damping effect in the transverse arms, as on the full-size racing machines. Installation of the RC system components is very simple, as the underside of the GM-RACER is open. This means, for instance, that the drive / flight battery can be changed easily and quickly inthe middle of a session.
Pack contents
Building instructions in German, English and French. Vacuum-moulded top bodywork section (pre-cut, ready for gluing), laser-cut wheels, fuselage and control surface components, profiled CFRP braces, laser-cut plywood motor mount and reinforcements, control surface pushrods and linkage parts, accessories and decal sheet.
RC functions
Front spoiler (front wing)
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