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The P-47 THUNDERBOLT is a model of one of the most famous fighter aircraft of all time. With a propeller diameter of 3.17 m and a gigantic 18-cylinder radial engine developing 1715 BHP, the machine possessed an extraordinary climb performance. The THUNDERBOLT was flown not only by American pilots, but also by Brazilian, British, French, Mexican and Soviet flyers. Turbo-chargedversions reached speeds of more than 800 km / hr during test-flights. The model is of conventional built-up all-wood construction. The wing panels can either be glued together permanently, or left separate, joined using an aluminium joiner tube the latter option makes transport easier. The tailplane and fin are designed to be glued permanently to the fuselage. The joined wing is placed in the saddle opening in the fuselage and securedwith two bolts the wing fairing is then inserted at the front, and secured at the rear using a canopy latch. Slop-free control surface linkages are provided by servos installed immediately adjacent to the ailerons and landing flaps, while the DSS system (Direct-Steel system) is employed for rudder and elevator. Assembly is simply a matter of gluing the fin and tailplane to the fuselage, and installing the glow motor and RC system.Powered by a 20 cc four-stroke motor the P-47 THUNDERBOLT has an excellent performance. Control response is very well balanced. The model can be landed at very low speed when the landing flaps are deployed.
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