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The SEA FURY is a model of an English piston-engined fighter aircraft which set a speed record from London to Rome in 1949. Even to this day, examples of the SEA FURY are still flown in the renowned Reno Air Races. Our model is finished in the current colour scheme worn by the September-Fury which is flown in the Unlimited Class at Reno. The model is of conventionalall-wood construction. The three-part wing is joined using a pair of strong wooden braces. When the model is assembled, the wing is placed on the wing saddle and the two front dowels engaged two screws are then fitted at the trailing edge to retain it. The tailplane and fin are permanently glued to the fuselage. Two different methods are used to provide slop-free control surface linkages: the servos for the ailerons andlanding flaps are installed immediately adjacent to the control surfaces, while the proven DSS system (Direct Steel System) is employed for rudder and elevator. Assembling the model simply involves gluing the tailplane and fin to the fuselage, joining the wing panels, and installing the glow motor and the RC system. With a 20 cc four-stroke engine the SEA FURY produces an excellent performance in the air, with very nicely balancedresponse to the controls. The model can be landed very slowly if the landing flaps are lowered.
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