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SUPREME 3D ARF 5,5kg 1800mm


Product information
The SUPREME 3D is a pure aerobatic model. With one of the suggested power plants installed, this model is capable of highly realistic aerobatics combined with low noise levels. If the G 26 petrol engine is installed, the fueltank supplied in the pack must be replaced with a type compatible with petrol. The model responds accurately to the pilot´s control commands thanks to the carefully selected moment arms and the wing section employed. However, to fly the SUPREME 3D successfully the pilot must have prior experience with “full-house” aerobatic power models. Assembling the model is very simple, involving just joining the wing panels, installing the fin and tailplane, and fitting the engine and RC components. The model is of conventional all-wood construction, i.e. the fuselage, wing and tail panels are strong built-up structures, adequately reinforced at critical areas, and supplied ready-made and factory-covered in film. The cowl and wheel spats are moulded in GRP, and are supplied pre-painted. Slop-free control surface linkages are a pre-requisite for precise aerobatics, and this is achieved by installing the servos immediately adjacent to the control surfaces, in order to provide as direct a linkage as possible.
Pack contents
Assembly instructions with stage photos in German, English and French. Ready-made, film-covered fuselage, wing and tail panels, GRP cowl and wheel spats, undercarriage, tailwheel unit, wheels, spinner, fueltank, pilot figure, canopy, small items, linkage hardware pack.
RC functions
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