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RC power model. Semi-scale model for two-stroke motors up to 8.17 cc or four-stroke motors up to 14.95 cc capacity. For five-function radio control. Pack of ready-made components and linkage hardware pack.

Product information
The AT-6 was developed as a trainer and ground combat aircraft for the US Army. Today one can still see and hear these machines at first-hand at various events, for example at the famed Reno Air Races, or in Germany at the biennial Oldtimer meeting held at the Hahnweide, near Kirchheim / Teck. The large 9-cylinder radial engine, with a rated output of 447 kW / 608 BHP, is especially impressive. Our model is of conventional all-wood construction, i.e. the fuselage is based on formers, with sheeted built-up wings and tail panels of built-up construction. The model is supplied ready-built and film-covered, while the various placards are supplied on the decal sheet. Little work is required to complete the model, e.g. installing the tailplane and fin, joining the wing panels and installing the glow motor and receiving system components. The retractable undercarriage is included in the package. The GRP cowl is pre-painted, and only needs to be trimmed to clear the silencer, glowplug etc. The canopy and wheel well fairings are supplied as vacuum-moulded plastic parts. Elevator and rudder are actuated using the Direct-Steel System (DSS), while the ailerons are operated directly by wing-mounted servos for minimum slop.

Pack contents
Assembly instructions in German, English and French, with stage photos. Ready-built, film-covered fuselage, wing panels, tailplane and fin, GRP cowl, undercarriage, wheels, canopy, small items.

RC functions
Rudder, coupled tailwheel Elevator Ailerons Retractable undercarriage Throttle
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