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SMC 20 DSYN 35mhz RX 10ch PCM


Product information
Highly selective PLL narrow-band SPCM dual-conversion 10-channel receiver exploiting Synthesizer technology. The desired spot frequency can be selected on the smc 20 DSYN receiver. No receiver crystals are required. Latest 10-bit SPCM high-performance micro-receiver with outstanding reception quality and maximum resolution using 1024-step SPCM system technology. Compact, high-performance, lightweight PLL SPCM receiver with minimum dimensions for all professional applications. Modern synthesizer technology enables the user to select any channel (spot frequency) within the full frequency band with great precision. No receiver crystals are required. The latest multi-layer SMT construction and miniature narrow-band filters endow the receiver with professional-standard performance characteristics. Gold-plated battery and servo connector contacts for reliable, trouble-free operation. Improved abc regulatory system (anti-blocking, anti-cross) ensure maximum selectivity, while automatic gain control eliminates overload problems. Powerful signals are attenuated to the optimum value before the mixer stage, effectively preventing channel intermodulation, cross-modulation, crosstalk and blocking. Proven single-chip micro-computer system. SMT construction guarantees high mechanical strength and robustness, avoiding problems due to mechanical overload and vibration
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