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GRAUPNER again sets new standards in High-End radio control technology. Worlds first: four-language dialogue menu (German, English, French, Italian). 12 control functions. Simplified assignment of sticks, external switches, proportional controls and trim levers as control functions, multi-function boat / car transmitter without additional external switches or switch modules. Update-capable operating system for a future-proof transmitter. Ultra-Speed Low-Power Single-Chip Micro-Computer, 256 kByte (2Mbit) flash memory, 16 kByte (128 kbit) RAM, 73 ns operating cycle! With integral high-speed precision A/D converter. 3D Rotary Encoder in conjunction with four programming buttons for accurate settings and superb programming convenience. 20 model memories. High-resolution MULTI-DATA GRAPHIC LCD screen ensures accurate monitoring and precise graphic display of curves and characteristic lines. CONVENIENT MODE SELECTOR for easy switching between stick modes 1 - 4 (e.g. throttle right / throttle left). 4 selectable modulation types. SPCM 20 Super-PCM modulation with high system resolution of 1024 steps per control function. For the following receivers: smc-14, smc-19, smc-20, smc-19 DS, smc-20 DS, smc-20 DSYN PCM 20 PCM with system resolution of 512 steps per control function. For the following receivers: mc-12, mc-20, DS 20 mc PPM 18 The most widespread standard transmission method (FM and FMSSS). For the following receivers: C 8 FM, C 12, C 16, C 17, C 19, DS 18, DS 19, DS 20, and the following miniature receivers: XP 10, XP 12 FM, XN 12, XM 16, R 600, R 700, C 6 FM PPM 24 12 control functions are possible with the DS 24 FM S receiver, one of them (freely selectable) as an integral ] Nautic switch module. In this case a module, Order No. 4159, is required at the receiver end. At the transmitter all the controls which can be connected can be used to control up to 8 switched functions, i.e. switches, trim switches, sticks and auxiliary analogue controls connected to inputs 5 - 10. Two additional Nautic transmitter modules (Order No. 4108 or 4141) can also be installed and operated with the corresponding receiver modules (Order No. 4159 or 4142). Even in this configuration there are still 9 functions freely available: normally 1 for steering, 1 for forward / reverse speed, and a further 7 functions for any auxiliary functions you wish. They can be operated using either stick functions including trim, or stick functions and trims as separate (analogue) functions, or analogue inputs (inputs 5 - 10 / switches). This maximum set-up provides 24 reversible switched functions + 2 standard control functions + 7 free function channels. 3 freely programmable mixers for fixed-wing model aircraft, helicopters, boats, cars and trucks. 3-point mixers for throttle, collective pitch and tail rotor plus gyro offset adjustment. These settings can be made separately for each flight phase. Fixed-wing / Heli: Dual Rate / Expo for Ch2 - Ch4 (in each case switchable in common for each channel). Phase trim for camber-changing flaps, ailerons, elevator, according to model type. Helicopter swashplate mixer for 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-point linkages. Servo travel adjustment for 12 servos, servo reverse, servo centre, servo travel, variable separately for each side of centre. Programmable Fail-Safe for PCM/SPCM. 2 switch-controlled timers, stopwatch, flight time / run time. HELP BUTTON provides valuable information on programming and the currently selected programming menu. Model copy function for all model memories. Comprehensive fixed-wing mixer menu with 12 set-up programs for 2 ailerons and 2 camber-changing flaps (number of servos). Trainer system with total control transfer. Basic fixed-wing model aircraft settings. Motor at Ch1 (idle trim). Tail (type). AIL/FLAP (No. of servos). 2nd and 3rd flight phase. Trainer (total control transfer). All adjustments are made at the Teacher transmitter. Basic model helicopter settings. Swashplate type 1 - 4. Rotor direction. Collective pitch min. forward / back. 2nd flight phase + auto-rotation. Trainer (total control transfer). Basic model boat / car settings. An integral Nautic-Expert module can be activated. All physical controls present can be assigned to any function and used to operate up to 8 switched functions, e.g. primary controls, trim switches and stick functions.

Set contents:
mc-19 micro-computer transmitter with integral NiMH transmitter battery, transmitter RF module on the appropriate frequency, C 17 miniature narrow-band FM receiver on the same frequency band, C 577 servo, switch harness, pair of crystals on the appropriate frequency band.
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