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MX22 10ch 40mhz PCM SOLO TX


La dotazione comprende solamente il trasmettitore con il suo modulo (senza quarzo) ed il pacco di batterie da 9,6v al NiMh.
La radio viene fornita SENZA ricevente,quarzi,batteria RX,caricabatterie e servi.
Product information
Professional High-Technology micro-computer radio control system. With Ultra-Speed low-power micro-computer (256 kByte), 2 Mbit flash memory, 16 kByte (128 kbit) RAM, 73 ns command cycle! With integral high-speed precision A/D converter and new form of dual-function cylinder rotary encoder with 3-D rotary-select programming system.

Update-capable operating system for a future-proof system.
30 model memories.
3-D cylinder rotary encoder and 4 programming buttons promote accurate settings and provide excellent programming convenience.
High-resolution MULTI-DATA GRAPHICAL LCD screen ensures perfect monitoring, accurate graphical representation of multi-point curves for throttle, collective pitch, tail rotor etc. plus EXPO / DUAL-RATE functions and mixer curves.
CONVENIENT MODE SELECTOR for simple selection of stick modes 1 - 4 (e.g. throttle right / throttle left).
Real Time Processing (RCP). All settings and changes entered by the user take effect virtually in real time, directly at the receiver output.
ADT Advanced Digital Trim system for all four stick functions, with quick-adjust throttle / idle trim.
3 types of modulation available for selection:
SPCM 20.
Super PCM modulation with high system resolution of 1024 steps per control function.
For smc-19, smc-20, smc-19 DS, smc-20 DS, R 330 receivers.
PCM 20.
PCM, with system resolution of 512 steps per control function.
For mc-12, mc-20, DS 20 mc receivers.
PPM 18.
The most widely used standard transmission process (FM and FMsss).
For C 12, C 16, C 17, C 19, DS 18, DS 19, DS 20 receivers also XP 8, XP 10, XN 12, XM 16, R 600, R 700, C 6 FM miniature receivers. PPM 24. New PPM multi-servo transmission mode for simultaneous transmission of up to 12 servos using the DS 24 FM S receiver. Further developed programs adopted fromthe successful mc-20, mc-22 and mc-24 systems, also the X-3810 ADT. 6 freely programmable mixers, 4 linear and 2 curve mixers 5-point curves variable in 1% increments. The throttle and collective pitch curves available in the Helicopter Menu feature a Multi-Point Curve. System (MPC). This switchable curve rounding facility is also available for the free curve mixers. MPC generates an ideally rounded curve based on the selected mixer reference points, using an ingenious polynomial approximation process. 2-stage Expo / Dual-Rate system, individually variable, switchable in flight, programmable separately for each model. Helicopter swashplate mixer for 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-point linkages. Sub-Trim for fine-tuning the neutral position of all servos. Aileron differential mixer. Butterfly mixer. Flaperon mixer. Graphical servo display: a fast, simple method of checking and monitoring servo settings. Servo travel limiting for all servo channels also variable separately for each end-point (Single Side Servo Throw). Stopwatch / count-down timer with Alarm function. Operating hours timer, available separately for each model. HELP BUTTON gives valuable information on programming and on the currently selected programming menu. Model copy function for all model memories.
MX-22 35 MHz D-Menü
Order number 4801 EUR 898.- *
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The sets contain
mx-22 micro-computer transmitter with integral NiMH transmitter battery. Can be expanded from 6 to 10 (PPM 24: 12) control functions. Transmitter RF model on the appropriate frequency, smc-19 highly selective narrow-band receiver on the same frequency (9 servo functions), C 577 servo, Switch harness, Pair of crystals on the appropriate frequency band. 4.8 V receiver NC batteries.
Transmission system SPCM 20 / PCM 20 / PPM 18 / PPM 24 / PPM
Radio Frequency (RF) section Integral (10 kHz spacing, 35, 35-B, 40 or 41 MHz band)
FMsss T crystals 35 MHz band Order No. 3864.61 - 80 and .182 - .191 40 MHz band Order No. 4064.50 - .92 41 MHz and Order No. 4164.400 - .420
Channel spacing 10 kHz
Control functions, max. SPCM 20 = 10, PCM 20 = 10, PPM 18 = 9, PPM 24 = 12
Control functions, basic 4 functions, with trims
Control functions 10, 4 proportional with trims, 4 proportional and 2 switched
Channel pulse width 1.5 ms ± 0.5 ms
Travel resolution (servo travel) SPCM 20 10-bit (1024 steps), PCM 20 9-bit (512 steps)
Aerial Telescopic aerial, ten sections, approx. 1150 mm long
Operating voltage 9.6 ... 12 V
Current drain approx. 60 mA (excl. RF module)
Dimensions approx. 195 x 200 x 75 mm
Weight approx. 990 g including transmitter battery
Prezzo al pubblico : 850.00€

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