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The LiPo Balancer plus provides protection against overcharge and deep-discharge, and is an excellent safety device for every modeller. If you are aiming at maximum safety and the longest possible useful life of your batteries, this unit is a must-buy item, as it reliably prevents individual cells being overcharged. Used in conjunction with the airborne deep-discharge guard module,Order No. 6495, the unit ensures much safer operation and higher cycle counts with your valuable battery packs the purchase price is usually repaid in a very short time. The LiPo Balancer plus works on the series-wired cells of a LiPo pack and brings them all to exactly the same voltage level. This is necessary because cell states and voltage levels tend to drift due to the effects of ageing and discharging. The balancing process starts immediatelywhen the battery is connected, and continues over the whole period of the charge process
cut-off for over-charging protection:
If the voltage of any cell rises to 4.26 V, the unit immediately halts the charge process in order to protect the cell reliably from overcharging, which invariably causes damage. This may occur, for instance, if the wrong cell count is set on the charger, or an incorrect battery type is selected, or if one cell is defective. This feature aloneprovides a vastly improved safety margin. The LiPo Balancer plus is connected to the battery using the white multi-pin plug as well as the high-current connectors. This arrangement avoids the problem of the charge current itself falsifying the measured values, and ensures that individual cells are perfectly balanced.
- The circuit balances the individual cells during the whole of the charge process it starts working when itdetects a voltage difference of around 0.01 V it also works when no charge process is in progress.
- The circuit halts the charge process if one cell reaches a voltage of 4.26 V, thereby preventing individual cells being overcharged overcharging always causes cell damage and can be a safety hazard.
- The circuit halts the discharge process if the voltage of any one cell falls below 3.0 V.
- Short-circuit protection at cell voltages below 2.0 V.
- Power-down energy save mode at cell voltages below 2.75 V.
- Max. charge / discharge current 10 A
- Dimensions approx. 85 x 45 x 18 mm
- Weight approx. 70 g
Prezzo al pubblico : 41.00€

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