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INCLUSI 2pz 2395 e 1pz 2395.1

RC motor yacht^. For multi-function radio control. Scale model of a Sunseeker motor yacht for two jet propulsion units and electric motors. Quick-build kit with white pigmented GRP hull, deck and superstructure.

Product information
Sunseeker is a renowned designer and manufacturer of high-performance racing boats. The company has exploited its experience to build some of the worlds largest and most luxurious yachts. Our model of the MANHATTAN 74 is an accurate miniature to a scale of around 1 : 20, based on original Sunseeker drawings. It is intended for the demanding and experienced marine modeller. In contrast to the full-size vessel the model is powered by 2 Jet propulsion units which provide excellent turning characteristics plus a reverse capability without reversing the motors. At around half motor speed the reversing mechanism can be deployed to bring the boat to a halt, at which point it can be turned on the spot using the rudder. If the bow thruster is switched on the boat can even traverse (move bodily sideways). The motors are controlled using two separate speed controllers.

Contents of the quick-build kit
Quick-build plan including RC installation and building instructions in German, English and French, GRP hull and deck, machined openings for the Jet propulsion units. GRP superstructure, vacuum-moulded bar mast, ships boat, flying bridge, cockpit, seats, tables and other small items, printed and die-cut wooden parts, tubing, wire and rod, decal sheet and fittings.

RC functions
Rudder Proportional speed control (forward / reverse) Bow thruster Additional functions, e.g. lighting system, are possible at the builders discretion.

Specification Full-size
Overall length 23.05 m
Length of hull and platform 22.26 m
Beam 5.43 m
Draught 0.95 m
Overall height 5.97 m
Overall displacement 37,100 kg
Speed max. 33 kn.

Specification Model
Overall length approx. 1280 mm
Length of hull and platform approx. 1230 mm
Beam approx. 300 mm
Draught approx. 55 mm
Overall height approx. 400 mm
Overall displacement 7 kg
Speed approx. 20 km / hr
Scale 1 : 20
Prezzo al pubblico : 667.24€

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