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The multi-function tester is a practical device for measuring rotational speeds, voltages and receiver signals. The unit can measure the rotational speed of propellers with 2 to 6 blades, as well as a mark on any revolving object no physical contact is required. In darkness or poor lighting the white LED can be switched on to provide sufficient illumination. The unit also features an integralservo tester. The servo test function enables you to carry out a manual check of the control characteristics and function of your servos. The voltage measurement facility can be used, for example, to check the state of charge of the receiver battery. Functions: - Rotational speed measurement for 1 - 6 bladed propellers with optimum lighting- Voltage measurement: 0 ... 30 V (resolution 0.05 V) - Internal LiPo battery voltage measurement - Servo test function with various cycle frequencies - Receiver signal test function: displays the pulse width and cycle
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