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This compact clamp ammeter / multimeter can be used to measure D.C. and A.C. currents from < 100 mA to 399.9 A without requiring electrical contact, and without disconnecting the cables. If the measuring leads (supplied) are used, the device can also measure D.C. and A.C. voltages from < 1 mV to 600 V and resistances from < 1 Ohm to 40 MOhm. In simple terms this means that you can measure virtually any electrical value arising in modelling applications, e.g. the current drain of electric motors, and battery voltages. Measuring the current drain of electric motors is indispensable for matching propellers (aircraft and boats) and gearboxes to obtain optimum efficiency. Currents are measured in the battery cables. The correct matching of electric motors is essential in order to avoid overloading the speed controller and / or battery. The meter incorporates an integral memory, so that you can »freeze« the momentary value and refer to it later. Zero point button for simple zero calibration when measuring D.C. currents
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