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This is the Novak GTB Racing Brushless Motor System
with 4.5R Brushless Motor and GTB Electronic Speed Control for R/C vehicles.

FEATURES: Ready to race out of the box, nothing else to buy
Speed control factory wired to motor
For use with 4-6 cells
120 day limited warranty on both components

Velociti 4.5R Brushless Motor: (NOVC3404)
Standard 540 size specifically designed for R/C vehicles
One-piece high power Neodymium cylindrical magnet for high
performance, improved rotor reliability and increased efficiency
Full ball bearing design with oversize front bearing for smooth
low-friction operation and superior torque handling ability
Sensor based for excellent starting torque and excellent
Meets all ROAR specifications
Direct solder tabs, locked rotor protection and thermal overload
Maintenance free design

GTB Electronic Speed Control: (NOVM1710)
Can be used with Brushless or Brushed motors, has no Brushed motor
motor limit
Compatible with Velociti 5.5 Racing (NOVC3405), Velociti 6.5 Racing
(NOVC3406), SS5800 (NOVC3400) and SS4300 (NOVC3401)
Four different color status LEDs for easy one touch setup and quick
selection of 6 built-in throttle profiles
3 fully-programmable fwd/brake Brushless Profiles
1 fully-programmable fwd/brake Brush Motor Profile
1 fully-programmable fwd/brake/rev Brushless Profile
1 fixed programming Limited Reverse (25%) Profile
Brushless mode has 4 adjustable parameters Minimum Brake, Drag Brake
Deadband and Minimum Drive
Brushed mode is fully programmable with all of the adjustments of the
Brushless mode plus Adjustable Drive Frequency
One touch set-up, heat sink and cooling fan, replaceable input and
switch harness, thermal overload protection and water-resistant

INCLUDES: GTB Electronic Speed Control with Cooling Fan, Velociti 4.5R
Brushless Motor, Racing Power Trans Cap Module, Double-Sided Tape
& Operating Instructions

REQUIRES: Installing in vehicle

Length: 1.49 (37.8mm)
Width: 1.16 (29.5mm)
Weight: 1.36oz (38.5g) with heat sink, no wires
Input Voltage: 4-6 cells (1.2V DC/cell)
Brushless Motor Limit: Any Novak Motor
Brush Motor Limit: None
BEC (Battery Eliminator Circuitry): 6.0V/3.0A
Rated Current: 540A (Brushless per phase) 1620A (Brush mode)
ON-Resistance: 0.00040 Ohms (Brushless), 0.00013 Ohms (Brush-mode)
Throttle Profiles: 6 (5 Brushless & 1 Brush motor)
Velociti 4.5R Brushless Motor:
Diameter: 1.41 (35.8mm)
Length: 2.08 (52.8mm)
Shaft Diameter: 0.125 (3.2mm)
Weight: 6.73oz (191g) Without Power Wires
Number of Turns: 4.5
Voltage Handling: 6 Cells (1.2V DC/cell
Commutation: Sensor Based Electronic
Protection: Locked Rotor and Thermal Overload
Power Wire: 14AWG Silicone
Magnet: High-strength Neodymium (1-piece multi-pole)
Prezzo al pubblico : 360.00€

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