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Who says that Ferraris always are red? As a new addition to our Ferrari collection, we present now a model painted in “Giallo Modena” Ferrari Yellow. Now the red-yellow duo is available for you to pick and choose from. But maybe you don’t have to make that hard choice. Why separate them if you can have them both?
Original and Miniature: The Ferrari 250 GT features a graceful contour with flowing lines, and it will always have an exceptional place among the Gran Turismos. Our miniature does such justice to the original that it may find a similar place in the world of model cars.
This metal model is composed of 1,141 parts and is completely hand-assembled.
The bucket-seats and the interior are covered with black leather.
The yellow dashboard presents a perfect contrast.

Technical Data of the original vehicle:
Twelve-cylinder-V-engine • Displacement: 2.953 ccm • Maximum output: 240 hp at 7.000 rpm • Topspeed: 250 km/h • Wheelbase: 2.400 mm • Total length: 4.150 mm • Independent wheel suspension in the front, on lengthwise compound springs suspended rigid rear axle • all around disk brakes
Prezzo al pubblico : 263.00€

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