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Maxy Monster Truck in scala 1/6 con carrozzeria Jeep trasparente da verniciare ma con motore a benzina 26cc e radio già montati. Il radiocomando in FM viene fornito anche dei due servi già assemblati , batteria e caricabatteria inclusi.
The delivery contents: 4mm chassis with front and rear double wishbones, differential gear, 8 oil-pressure shock absorbers, supported by ball bearings, 26ccm petrol engine, muffler,Jeep® body, decals, Monster Truck wheels, without radio control system.

The RTR version is delivered completely mounted with radio control system, batteries and battery charger.
The models on the pictures show the front bumper and side guards which are not included in the delivery content.
FG blockbuster - this model really looks terrific! Seems as if both components, chassis and body, just have been developed. We mounted theJeep® body on the approved FG Monster Truck chassis with independent suspension and 8 shock absorbers, 2 each wheel.
The Monster version of theJeep® is delivered with the massive and widish Monster tires with a wheel diameter of 200mm. Its strongest point are uneven grounds. With a powerful and well adjusted engine you can make wheelie starts when accelerating. But we recommend to mount the supporting roll 6295 for wheelie starts. The chassis is identical with the Monster Truck chassis
Prezzo al pubblico : 1089.00€

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