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08144 BMW 320Si MONTATA 1/5


Maxy auto da pista in scala 1/5 con carrozzeria BMW 320Si WWTC trasparente da verniciare ma con motore a benzina 23cc e radio già montati. Il radiocomando in FM viene fornito anche dei due servi già assemblati , batteria e caricabatteria inclusi.

With the new Sportsline 04 we enable you a reasonable start in the 1:5 On-Road model scene. As we don’t know where and how you would like to use your car model we offer you some Tuningkits to a special price. So it’s up to you at which price and with which equipment you want to begin. The special price of the Tuningkit is only guilty in combination with the purchase of a Sportsline chassis.
Of course the FG Sportsline 04 is available as RTR version, too = completely mounted and equipped with a radio control system. Installed is a FM rotary knob system with a servo for steering and a servo for throttle and brake.

Technical description of the 1:5 Sportsline 04 Chassis up to 400mm width:
The models are built on a 4mm alloy chassis with double wishbones at front and rear axle. All borings of the alloy chassis are countersunk to prevent the screw heads from bearing out. The models are serial equipped with the 2-damper front axle which guarantees an optimal traction of both front wheels. At the front and rear axle king pin angle, trailing effect and toe-in can be adjusted by means of track rods or respectively adjusting screws with right-/ left-handed thread. Further equipment points are differential gear, easy-running FG ball drive, alloy brake caliper with big brake disk, oil-pressure shock absorbers with volume control and external adjusting ring for the initial stress of the springs. All rotating parts as shafts, axles, clutch bell a.s.o. are supported by ball bearings.

The models are equipped with a powerful 23ccm combustion engine which runs with a2-stroke petrol-oil mixture. One tank filling gives you about 45 minutes driving fun. The power is transmitted over the well-experienced system: engine - 2-block clutch over radial tooth wheels on to the rear axle which is equipped with the bevel differential gear with pluggable axles. RC-plate with receiver box. The tires are ready glued.
Prezzo al pubblico : 1022.00€

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