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FUNTANA X 100 ARF 1765mm

The FuntanaX 100 adds a newly designed airfoil that provides extra stability in high alpha 3D flight and more precision in non-3D aerobatics, as well as a lightweight carbon fiber wing tube and landing gear for additional strength.
Key Features
Very large control surfaces for precise and extreme 3D aerobatics
Removable Side Force Generators extreme rudder authority
Longer, lighter carbon fiber landing gear
Lightweight carbon fiber wing tube
Can be converted for electric flight
Extremely lightweight all-wood construction
Covered in exclusive Hangar 9 UltraCote
The new FuntanaX ARF is enhanced with design and structural upgrades that boast a fresh, progressive look and make it an extreme aerobatic performer to be reckoned with. Revolutionary SFG Technology™ allows pilots to achieve unlimited potential for sport and 3D flight—harriers, blenders, knife-edge, torque rolls and more. Removable Side Force Generators (SFG) give extra rudder authority and control to help you perform a virtually limitless display of extreme 3D and precision aerobatics.
The FuntanaX offer lightweight balsa and light plywood construction dressed in genuine UltraCote® covering for a vibrant look.

Prezzo al pubblico : 339.00€

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